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Park Hotel Minaret *** - Eger, Hungary

Relaxation in Eger with Thermal bath ticket

  • Voucher validity in ground package
    3 days / 2 nights
  • number of adult guests
    2 guests
  • reduction for children
    available for 1 child(ren): from 0 till 4 years free of charge, *Between 4-14 years: 6000 Huf(child/packet *Above 14 years: 10.900 Huf/child/packet
  • catering in grundpackage
    breakfast buffet
  • Package includes services as follows
    well-equipped room, internet access (*Free wifi), wifi
  • Other services incl. in the package
    *Accomodation Classic or Manzard rooms
    *One time entry for 2 people to the Thermalbath
    *Valid on weekends for 1500 Huf/guest/packet extra charge
    *Valid on summer (between 05.06-31.08) for 3000 Huf/packet extra charge
  • Validity / expiry of voucher
    for 1 year after purchase
  • Exception times
    bank holidays,
    Bank holidays including long weekends,
    school holidays.
  • Discounted prolongation
    12 000 HUF / package / night

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Park Hotel Minaret ***

Eger, Hungary

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